Eole Dub – Wind Rose

Eole Dub – Wind Rose

With its arsenal of rich instrumentation, deep tunes and authentic beats, Eole Dub reveals its musical treasures in this instant classic 4track Ep.

From the first track our ears are captivated by the Aeolian spirit resonating through the Brass Section and it’s dialog with groovy skanks and solid rhythmics. 

Multi layer brass harmonies become the platform of expression for rich brass and lead solos, roots percussion, Ire I delayed vocals, wildly controlled effects and straight up crisp melodic lines.

Each passing second listening to these ear catching tunes is a testimony of the talent deployed all through this record’s epic themes and musical story telling. This album definitely surpasses all our expectations for the pleasure of our hearts and souls in a time when good music is so precious that when you do find it, reveal it!!