Polaris (FR) ft. Ludo Ji – Listening to the Universe

Polaris ft. Ludo Ji – Listening to the Universe

“POLARIS & LUDO JI” ‘Listening To The Universe.”
‘Listening to the Universe’ is a psychedelic journey destined to enlighten the dancefloor with its powerful flow and celestial vibes.”

Ludo Ji and Polaris have been in the same tribe of friends since the dawn of time, their travels have brought them from Ibiza to Goa and Brazil in the midst of pinnacle moments of the Psy Trance legend. For the first time in so many years, destiny has connected the two artists in this co-creation which integrates the elements of psy trance with the purity of organic sounds.
At a captivating 142bpm, Polaris has unveils his cosmic musical mechanics through avant garde electronica, while Ludo Ji explores the vast world of Organic Trance and its limitless instrumental paths.

Distributed by Yemanja Records, this release of the two French artists intertwines Ludo Ji’s entrancing ethnic sounds with Polaris’ sonic wizardry.