Ludo Ji – Spirit’s Coming

Ludo Ji – Spirit’s Coming

This is Ludo ji’s third album and first Ep with Yemanja Records, the label he co-founded.

Also known as Hilight Tribe’s singer and percussionist, ludo ji had for long been dreaming to record these songs to convey hope and strength to the planet in these troubled times. From world music in which Ludo ji invokes divinities and natural elements , to epic folk songs in which he reveals his dreams and vision, this Ep follows the ancient road where all the spirit’s connect.
“We’re moving out from here, way from the kingdom of illusion, the legend is real when you believe…our magic s stronger than their reason!”

It was Eric Nagel, co producer and sound engineer who once more opened the doors to his Ibiza Studio and put all his talent and knowledge in this third collaboration to materialize Ludo Ji’s songs.
Ludo ji had to practice vocal exercises to enhance his vocal performance and Eric Nagel called in Gabriel Di Miranda who intstantly gave life to these songs with his magic guitaristic talent.

Fred Deze co writer and saxophone player, played a major role in the materialization of the Epic song “Spirit’s Coming” in which Hilight Tribe Rishnu played his notorious bass style and I Roots HLT played his majestic conga rhythms on the Bougarabou.